The Danger Period -- Indian History

Indian Campaigns

Attack on Fort Wayne

After the attack on Fort Harrison and the Pigeon Roost Massacre there were several offensive campaigns directed against the hostile tribes of northern Indiana. Before the two events mentioned about five hundred warriors surrounded Fort Wayne, which was garrisoned with something less than a hundred men, under a Captain Rhea. The Indians arranged for a conference inside the fort, their object being treachery, but they were frustrated. Then they laid siege to the place and, aided by some ingenious British, made a "bluff" of having artillery by constructing two wooden cannon, reinforced by hoopiron, which promptly burst when fired. Meanwhile General Harrison, who had relinquished his civil duties for military service, was advancing northward with an army of more than a thousand men (Dunn) and this force reached Fort Wayne on September 12, raising the siege. Detachments of these troops scoured the surrounding country, and destroyed several deserted Indian villages besides quantities of food supplies growing in the cultivated places.