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The Jackson Covered Bridge, also known as the Rockport Covered Bridge, crosses Sugar Creek just northwest of Bloomingdale on County Road North 50 West in Parke County. This single span Double Burr Arch Truss structure (double meaning that there are two arches, one atop the other on each side) is the longest single span covered bridge in Indiana (also the longest single span in the United States open to daily use) having a length of 207 feet, or 225 feet including the 9-foot overhang at each end, with portals that are 16 feet wide by 18 feet high; the unusual height is proportional to the unusual length of the bridge as the arches actually have to peak high up in the crown. Built in 1861 by Joseph J. Daniels, who dedicated the structure to Andrew Jackson, this was his was Daniels first covered bridge built on a roadway he had previously constructed railroad covered bridges. Though no historical marker is present, the Jackson Covered Bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 and is listed in the 1989 "World Guide to Covered Bridges," published by The National Society for the Preservation of Covered Bridges, Inc., as #14-61-28; Parke County officials use the same designation ... in the February 1938 "Indiana History Bulletin" Robert B. Yule and Richard C. Smith assigned the designation "ps" to this Covered Timber Bridge located in Sections 35/36, Township 17 North, and Range 8 West, 2-1/2 miles northwest of Annapolis; it appears to me, using modern maps, that the bridge is actually located only in Section 35.

Jim Adams tells me that Daniels inspected and tightened all the bolts in 1863; it was renovated after the 1913 flood and again in 1977. Jim personally recalls the old structure with the missing siding and fading red paint (the common color of a Daniels built covered bridge) as shown in the old D. G. MacLean photo, but is curious about why in the 1977 restoration photos he provided, the structure appears to already be a weathered white ... perhaps there were two restoration projects, one in the 60s where the structure was first painted white and another undertaken in 1976? If you have any information on this please let me know. In any event, another in 2007 CLR undertook a total restoration of the Jackson Covered Bridge that required actually removing it from the river ... click here for a YouTube picture album of restoration.

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