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The Ramp Creek Covered Bridge crosses Salt Creek at the north entrance of Brown County State Park where it is subject to heavy traffic even though it is the oldest covered bridge still standing in Indiana as well as the only 2-lane covered bridge. This single span Burr Arch Truss structure has a length of 96 feet, or 110 feet including the 7-foot overhang at each end; both lanes are 11 feet wide and 12 feet high. Built in 1838 by Henry Wolf (Aaron Wolf is indicated by the notation on her gable), with Chillion Johnson as foreman, it originally spanned Ramp Creek in Putnam County, just south of Fincastle on what was known as the New Albany-Lafayette or Jeffersonville-Crawfordsville Turnpike, which later became State Road 43 and later still became US 231. The original financing for this structure originated with a State Legislative Act in 1836 that specified internal improvement, specifically, building of bridges, roads and canals throughout Indiana.

In 1932 internal improvements once again began to have an effect on the old bridge as road construction would have had the structure dismantled; however Richard Lieber apparently spearheaded the movement to transport the bridge 130 plus miles to the new State Park in Brown County. The Ramp Creek Covered Bridge was listed as #14-07-02 in the 1989 World Guide ... in the February 1941 "Indiana History Bulletin" Robert B. Yule and Richard C. Smith assigned the designation "ed" to this Covered Timber Bridge located in Section 20, Township 9 North, Range 3 East, at the north entrance of the State Park and southeast of Nashville.

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